Our offer comprises of several dozen products related to Podiatry and Cosmetology branch. Our general production covers MedCaps abrasive caps, which are manufactured from 2011 year. We have created our contemporary design anew. Our product is constantly developed from the time it was presented as a prototype. It is distinguished with durability, modern design and innovative technology among competitive products. We have focused on the production of the most popular and the most demanded pattern: semi-circular cap with diameter of 10 and 13 mm. Despite our standard offer for MedCaps abrasive caps, we can produce special orders according to other type, granulation of abrasive coat or different colour of the core for MedCaps abrasive caps. We constantly monitor new trends in branch – we are planning wider offer in the nearest future with new and authorial products.

Selected products in our offer:

– MedCaps abrasive caps

– Rubber cap holder

– Professional podiatry millers

– Files / Polishers / Polishing blocks